Ways to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

Find out how important it is to know the owner of a domain name in the search for the perfect domain.

Ways to Find Out a Domain Name Owner

If you know a website`s domain name, there are a few ways to discover the identity of the owner. Keep reading to find out. 

Visit the Website

Visiting the domain should be your first step, when you want to know who owns a domain name.  

WHOIS Databases

When someone registers a domain name, the registrar processing the sale is required to collect basic contact information. After that the information gest submitted to the WHOIS databases, so there is a record of who runs each website online. 

There are various WHOIS databases and all of them are coordinated through Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The ICANN ensures the maintenance and security of domain names and websites. 

Contact the Domain Registrar

Many domain registrars now offer domain name privacy, which keeps the owner`s personal information from being listed in the WHOIS directory. As we have mentioned, WHOIS gives you information about where a domain name is registered. If privacy is enabled, you can use information included in the directory listing or look up the registrar`s contact information on their website. You may still not be able to get the information you want if privacy features are enabled, but registrars do carry certain obligations if a domain has been used for illegal activities. 

Why to search for Damin Owner?

By finding out who owns a domain name you can find useful information about the domain name owner. In most of the cases, the information will include an email address and other contact information. 

Is it Important?

Your personal or business website gains credibility, once you are the owner of a domain name. When your domain name is adjusted to your business, it gives your company a sense of correctness that it might not have otherwise. 

If a companyโ€™s domain name is related to the services they provide, it becomes easier for internet users to find them, even if they have not heard of the company before.