How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name (Plus 4 Tips to Stand Out From Competition)

Figuring out your perfect domain name is a lot like choosing the name of your business – it requires a lot of thought and consideration.

After all, your domain is your identity, and you have to pick the one that represents you well. 

If you are searching for a domain name that will make you stand out from your competitors, keep reading; we have gathered four great tips that will help you stand out from your competitors. 

What makes a domain name memorable?

A great domain name is brandable, memorable, short, and catchy. A great domain name is also easy to type and pronounce.  

Your domain name matters a lot; here are two reasons why you have to carefully consider your domain name before pulling the trigger and purchasing: 

1) The first impression is everything.

Your domain name is the first impression your customers will get from your brand. The right domain name will make a positive and lasting impression on your target audience, while a domain name that is not so great might make your visitors bounce and never return back. In today’s world of fierce competition, you have one chance to impress your customers, and your domain name plays a vital role in making that first impression. 

2) It represents your brand and affects your SEO strategy. 

A great domain name represents your brand accurately and boosts your SEO efforts. Your domain name is your brand identity, and the perfect domain name that helps your SEO is a great branding opportunity. 

Now that we have established the importance of domain name let’s see how you can pick the perfect domain name. 

4 tips for picking up the perfect domain name

Follow the tips below to choose the perfect domain name that will help you stand out from your competitors:   

1) Chose a catchy and easy-to-remember name.

We, humans, unlike computers, have a limited amount of memory. Therefore, the easier and shorter your domain name, the better. 

2) If it makes sense, add a keyword.

Keywords in a domain name are nice to have but not a necessity. They are like powdered sugar on a waffle – good to have but definitely not a must. So, if it makes sense to add a keyword, do it. If you can’t figure out a way to add a keyword, don’t worry at all. 

3) Search for a brandable domain name

Customers buy because of the brand attached to the product. So, your brand identity is vital. Unfortunately, choosing a brandable domain name is not easy, and if you want to make sure your domain name is brandable, we would advise contacting an expert domain name broker that has extensive knowledge about domain names. 

4) Search for a premium domain name

If you truly want to stand out from the competition, it’s wise to think about acquiring a premium domain name. A premium domain name is short, easy to remember, catchy and brandable. Those are domain names that truly catch your customer’s eye.  

However, as most premium domain names are already registered, we would advise contacting an expert domain name broker to help you pick the perfect premium domain name that suits your brand and assist you in purchasing it. You can contact an expert domain broker here