What Is a Domain Broker?

If you are looking for a domain broker service to acquire a premium name, Domainer.com can offer a tailored solution that works for you. Domainer.com is *the* premium domain name broker.

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Our lead broker Ian Garner truly understands the industry, facilitating over $20m USD in domain transactions with an extremely broad network of contacts. Ian has experience negotiating multi-million-dollar acquisitions and is at home discussing portfolio deals and complex payment plans.

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Why should you use a domain name broker?

Let's face it - purchasing a domain name can be a long-drawn-out and frustrating process if you don't know where to start. Sure, you can negotiate a domain deal for yourself, but we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Is chasing down a domain owner the best use of your precious time?
  • Are you comfortable giving your identity and contact details to someone you don't know in order to negotiate for a name?
  • Are you 100% sure that you have the knowledge and expertise to close a domain deal that would not result in purchasing an overpriced domain?

If not, using a broker is a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

Still on the fence or unsure whether a domain name broker is worth it? Here are just some of the benefits you get when you decide to partner with Domainer.com:

You work directly with Ian

You work directly with Ian - Ian speaks 1:1 with his clientele. He is a people person with profound knowledge of and remarkable success in the domain industry. His success is derived from his ability to ask the right questions and understand exactly what a customer needs.

Build a relationship

Ian seeks to build lasting and meaningful business relationships with his premium clients and wants them to be genuinely happy with their purchases. True story: Domainer.com would never have existed if Ian had not taken this time with a previous client who was so thrilled with his experience that he acquired the Domainer.com name for Ian to offer the experience to other premium buyers.

Recieve the best customer service

Domainer.com has a dedicated team that provides comprehensive end-to-end custom domain service. We don't believe in one size fits all solutions; we know each business and CEO is unique. We guarantee you’ll have our support, from idea to execution.

We value your privacy

We understand the importance of anonymity, and we take our client's confidentiality very seriously. The reason this is so important is two-fold: knowing the identity of a buyer is likely to drive up a purchase price. Companies also prefer to protect their identity to not make their future growth plans public. Domainer.com keeps all details confidential and works in good faith to protect both parties.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Domainer.com handles all the paperwork on your behalf. We construct the legal framework on your behalf and provide you with all relevant paperwork and information related to your domain transfer. Domainer not only oversees the process but also ensures that the process is completed in the safest manner possible.

We will seal the deal

Ian is an experienced and talented domain broker. And when it comes to domain deals, you need an excellent negotiator - one who has the skills, patience, and perfect timing. It's easy to get emotional when it comes to purchasing your ideal domain. Ian serves as a buffer between buyer and seller, facilitating a smoother transaction.

Unlike many large domain platforms, Domainer.com assesses each client from the outset to ensure that we are a good fit. Through our free initial consultation process, we mutually agree on what success looks like before the work begins: this way, we can agree on our goals and outcomes and ensure that Domainer.com can deliver your deal your way.

What you should know about our domain broker service

Domainer.com is a new brokerage built by seasoned domain brokers and buyers who want to see a change in the industry. We're tired of seeing the same factory-style approach to domain acquisition of the bigger brokerages.

We believe that buying a domain name should be a great experience. You won't get any patter from us; we won't try and up sell you – we're here to talk plainly and get deals done. Domainer.com is the premium domain broker you need – discreet, professional, and tailored to you.

Can I use Domainer.com to source a domain name?

Buy Domain Names Through Domainer.com

Can I use Domainer.com to source a domain name?

Domainer.com can help you purchase the domain name that you love, even if it's already registered to someone else. Here is our process, broken down very simply:

  1. We identify the owner of the domain name.
  2. We negotiate based on a reasonable market value for the domain name.
  3. We coordinate all information between both parties, the legalese, Escrow, paperwork, and the secure transfer of the domain name.

There is a lot of back-and-forth communication, research, and negotiation, but we won't bother you with any of that. If you want to hire a domain broker who can simplify the process for you, contact us here.

Does Domainer.com sell domains?

Can I sell a domain through Domainer.com?

Does Domainer.com sell domains?

Very simply, Domainer.com is a premium domain broker service; we do NOT proactively sell any domains, so you can be sure the name you buy with us is purely for you. We have no ambition to set up a marketplace, and we have no inclination to adopt a high churn, low-value business model. We prefer to commit fully to each premium client, and if that transaction takes time to get over the line, we're here for every step.

Where to start?

What is the best place to start?

Where to start?

In the first instance, it's better to reach out and speak with our lead Domain Broker, Ian Garner. He can discuss with you the name you are looking to acquire, what timeframe you are working to, and have a realistic conversation around domain broker fees. Only when we are both sure that this relationship is right will we move forward to the next step.

Why is Domainer.com the brokerage for you?

Domainer.com may be new, but we are staffed with seasoned domain specialists. We are the product of a friendship between a domain buyer and broker – in 2018, Ian met a client whilst working as a broker at a large domain sales platform. This client trusted Ian to acquire over $3m USD worth of premium names. This client saw in Ian something that was lacking in the industry – trusted, sincere, and dedicated work. They built Domainer together, which is why we are so dedicated to developing the relationship between buyer and broker.

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We know that there are many domain brokerages on the market, and you’ve likely come across the common tactics: a ferocious attempt to identify you and your budget, 3 spammy emails *every* week, lots of calls and blunt requests for more money or an immediate transaction, ambiguous sale prices and attempts to flip you onto other domains. 

Coming off the back of a recent exclusive representation sale of 1500+ crypto and NFT domains, Domainer offers a consultative and relaxed buying experience where investors can feel empowered, safe, and heard when purchasing premium domain names.

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Why do we specialise in premium domain name?

We know from years of experience in the domain industry that the existing domain sales platforms underserve high net worth individuals and organizations. These platforms put pressure on brokers to deal with too many clients at once and to pull deals unnaturally over the line as quickly as possible. This results in motivated, premium buyers feeling disengaged; they can feel like the broker is working against them and are overpaying for premium-domain names. Domainer.com is here to do better; we offer our clients a boutique, end-to-end domain buying experience that no one else provides.

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We believe that complex, high-value acquisitions require committed and focused sales professionals. Domainer provides a direct line to your personal broker at all times. We only take on clients that we are 100% confident we can serve with integrity and professionalism and get the result we want.

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The quickest and most secure way to get to your desired domain name will always be by employing a domain name broker to help. Our lead domain broker has years of experience and a personalized approach to help you achieve your goals.

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