The Premium Domain Dressing Service (DDS):

Parking Domains on Podiums Instead of in Dark Web Alleys!

Owning premium domain names is a privilege, so why does it sometimes feel like a chore? You don’t see the inquiries coming through and the (often irrelevant) PPC ads at the address don’t generate any revenue… all you do is renew it year on year and decline lowball offers… so what can you do? Read More Arrow down

You don’t see the inquiries coming through and the (often irrelevant) PPC ads at the address don’t generate any revenue… all you do is renew it year on year and decline lowball offers… so what can you do?

There’s a new intelligent way to attract premium clients -’s Premium Domain Dressing Service (DDS).

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What You Get When You Dress Your Premium Domains

Domain dressing service (DDS) is a smart move to boost your premium domain name/names and increase the revenue of your unused domains smartly and strategically.

Ok, you’re wondering how it works... it's really simple, actually. After an initial consultation with Ian Garner, you and Ian will make a deep and live analysis of your portfolio and some of the hidden opportunities we can further develop.

Together, you will strategize, pick the best ones, and come up with an action plan that will finally help you get results from your premium domain name/names.

From there, our top-notch team of dedicated copywriters, designers, and growth hack specialists will provide you with a unique results-driven landing page. Then, our SEO specialists will boost your landing page to the relevant search engines.

In short, some of the benefits you can achieve:

  • A growth-focused strategy that gives your premium domain name, dressing that attracts PREMIUM clients.
  • An opportunity to trial a business idea BEFORE you invest any significant resources to develop it further.
  • Bespoke landing page.
  • Improved traffic to the page.
  • Conversions, not just clicks.

The alternative is to leave that less-than-ideal 'For Sale' parked page or even the auto-generated PPC links that don't generate any meaningful revenue and often don't relate to your premium domain name.

Remember - a premium domain name attracts premium clients only with laser-focused and strategic hand-picked domain dressing services.

So, maybe it's time to consider giving your domain name the boost it deserves?

Our Premium Domain Dressing Service (DDS) finds the best "dress" your domain name deserves and attracts the most attractive premium clients!

Harnessing the Domain Name Power to Fit It with a Tailored Suit

Domain Dressing Strategy Tailored to Your Specific Business Goals Domain Dressing Strategy Tailored to Your Specific Business Goals

We don’t believe that one size fits all, and we pride ourselves on being a flexible team that can allocate resources to add the most value to your investments.

Starting with an initial consultation, Ian will discuss with you what we do and how we can best tailor a Domain Dressing strategy to your specific portfolio. Together you will hand pick the best domain names, and Ian will offer you a growth-focused action plan to help you harness the full potential of your premium domain name/names.

The success of dressing your domains is rooted in applying the right strategy for YOUR particular domain name. We develop a bespoke landing page with one-of-a-kind copy and design. Once ready, our professional team of SEO experts optimizes the page by driving the right meaningful traffic, boosting your online presence, directing revenue, and making it attractive for your premium clients.

With our approach, you and your premium domain name are of the most significant importance to us, so we will never offer you anything less than 100% unique and personalized strategy.

Launch Your Business the Moment You Purchase Your Premium Domain Name

Test Your Idea With Our DDS (Domain Dressing Service)

If you have just purchased a premium domain name, now it's the right moment to maintain the spark and test your business idea prior to investing any significant resources! How?! With our premium domain dressing service (DDS). Not only that, but with our DDS service, you will be able to attract the right PREMIUM clients.

Think of DDS as the opportunity to get your idea online FAST. Through consultation, we can take your business idea and flesh it out into design and front end coding which means that you don’t need to commission third party content teams and start from scratch once you own your name. Through building our relationship and collaborating on domain acquisition, we already have a working knowledge of what you are looking to do – and we can help you do it.

Shaping a Page’s Backbone Architecture

To make sure your premium domain name gets the best exposure, our team of diversified professionals works hard to provide you with one-of-a-kind landing page. Here is how it works:

Content Writing

Your premium domain name should attract the right prospects. And your prospects' attention equals the attention of a goldfish (it's a scientific fact).

You have six seconds to grip their wandering attention. So, your landing page needs words that pack a punch, inspire and resonate. And play their part in a carefully cultivated buyer's journey. And that's where our team of results-driven copywriters comes in.


Once the copy is ready, our team of one-of-a-kind designers makes every experience people have with your premium domain name meaningful. We find what makes your domain name extraordinary and tell the world through building visual experiences that help you flex, scale and transform.


And when your outstanding landing page is ready, our team of SEO professionals and growth hackers get an edge over the competition with a strong SEO strategy that boosts your online presence.

The Power of Social Media Sharing and Channeling Traffic for Best Results

Once we have created the idea and built the landing page, we need the exit strategy……The great news is that there are a few to choose from based on what you want to achieve, and our domain expert will help you pick the best one in accordance with your needs.

You've committed to setting up a relevant "shop front," which is pulling in traffic and appearing in search engine results. Now, depending on what you want to achieve, you can:

  • Add a "For Sale" banner with a click through to an inquiry form.
  • Speak to us about setting up optimized traffic redirection to generate some meaningful revenue from that traffic.

Premium Domain Dressing from is really is the best intelligent way to take full control of your premium domain names.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to investing in digital assets, we know that there are many options to choose from. Crypto and NFT investments can see massive returns, but they can also be volatile and unpredictable. seeks to offer a haven to digital investors by offering the opportunity to pick meaningful and resonant domain names which can be monetized quickly and offer a much safer return on investment over time.

Premium domain names are becoming scarce by the minute, and the value is increasing for resonant, desirable addresses – this is only going to drive prices upwards in the future.

So, DDS is the new intelligent way to take the full potential of your premium domain names and give them the exposure they deserve. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to dress your domain names. You can take a look at three examples of the more than 40 domains that we have dressed so far!

If you consider dressing your premium domain name, all you have to do is schedule a 1:1 free of charge consultation with our domain expert, Ian Garner, here.

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