Domain Dressing Service and NFTKYC.com Collaboration

To have a premium domain name is a great opportunity which you can embrace in many different ways. Here, we want to show you the best of those ways by looking at our Domain Dressing Service.

Our Domain Dressing Service quite literally puts your bare domain name in the changing room and puts some very impressive attire over it. We will look at what exactly the attire in this matter consists of in more detail further down. But in essence, through DDS, you are going to avoid having your domain from being parked. This means that the domain is not in use and is either not linked to any webpage or it is, and it is filled with some inadequate ads that you hope to generate you some income.  

To better understand what DDS is, we will be looking at different features of the service individually. The best way to do this is by looking at what our Domain Dressing Service and NFTKYC.com achieve together. The domain NFTKYC.com is a great example of a premium domain name and after going through DDS, is even better than before

What DDS Achieves for NFTKYC.com

With a premium domain name in your hands, it would be a missed opportunity not to strive for the most ideal outcome. Whether you are trying to sell that domain, trial a business idea through it or hold on it until your business is ready to be launched under the domain, you’ll surely want the best for any of those circumstances. Each of those scenarios are achievable through a carefully structured Domain Dressing Service, and it’s best to understand why by looking at what DDS achieves for NFTKYC.com.  

In essence, your domain will be receiving its own landing page. Even if you have one, this will be completely transformed to ensure that your domain betters any current stats that it has. A team of professionals from different departments takes your project with open arms and concentrates their creativity and experience into your new and personal landing page. Let’s look at each of the different tasks that such a team had to go through with NFTKYC.com.  

Business Idea and Market Research

The words NFT and KYC might seem like a combination of jibber-jabber to you, if you are unfamiliar with the terms that is. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a digital asset representing a variety of things like digital art, music, paintings and, but not limited to, virtual property. They were introduced as a way for artists to claim ownership of their digital artworks with less chance of fraud. In the recent years, NFTs have become a global point of interest, an investment method for some, and an obsession for others, for various reasons. They are a big part of what the Web3 movement, the upcoming new version of internet as we know it now. 

KYC is the Know Your Customer method that many organizations use to check available information on their customers. This is to identify and verify the customer in order to prevent fraud or any other illegal activities within a big database. For example, KYC is mandatory for financial institutions like banks. Now, knowing that NFTs are a big influence of financial flow, which further influences the creation of big NFT wallets where users can secure, sell and buy NFTS, the risks of such a concept are many. Hence how the combination of NFT and KYC forms together. This is why informational websites on the topic will be and are already sought after. 

In this case, and with any other domain, DDS conducts a market research for the domain, so that it is equipped with the best information for its specific market. Additionally, DDS offers the testing out of a business idea to be conducted. This will show how good the website is performing and will kick-off with initializing a desired SEO ranking. 

SEO Strategy

Having a proper SEO strategy is crucial for how well your website is and will be performing. SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, and this is the process of improving the traffic flow to your website through search engines. Search engines will send out crawlers/spiders to go over your website and analyze everything, like the content and coding. After these crawlers scan your website, the search engine itself will know what information you provide, and how high to rank you in its results pages.  

This process usually takes a while to be completed, but you can submit your website link and thus ask them to start the process whenever you have done that. Otherwise, the crawlers will automatically do their job, but slowly. They generally crawl over websites regularly to ensure that any new or updated information is perceived by the search engine and added to your score. 

By already having a keyword in your domain name, one that is specific to your market of course, you are on the right track with boosting your SEO rank. Keywords in general are what indicate the specific information that you have and which the preferred searches are for your website to be shown to. The DDS service looks at your content and analyzes which keywords to be used. It also makes sure that dose get into your meta titles, descriptions, links and many more background stuff that the normal user wouldn’t think of. 


The right content is created for you through DDS to help with pushing your premium domain name ahead of its competition. When people land at your page, you have under 10 seconds to impress them through statements, mostly presented under bold headlines. Let them know who you are and what you offer. As we mentioned earlier, through a proper market research and SEO strategy, you’ll know the most important keywords and topics around your market.  

DDS offers a team of copywriters; they will start typing away and create a thorough and personalized copy for your new webpage. This will be filled with keywords to get you that desired SEO rank and will overall look impressive on your page. Through this method, your visitors’ attention will immediately be secured and they’ll be able to explore more in this content. If you look at NFTKYC.com, you’ll immediately get the clear message of the domain’s purpose. Furthermore, the idea is explained in detail to explain things better for anyone who is new to the NFT and KYC world.  


When it comes to designing, there are so-so-so many choices as to what your webpage can look like. Thumbnails, fonts, graphics, sizes, backgrounds and so much more. Colors are very important. Maybe you don’t know or feel it on surface-level, but colors have an important meaning to every person, some colors representing different things, and we feel certain things when looking at them. For NFTKYC.com, our team of designers chose the colors blue and yellow.  

Blue represents many a thing, but most importantly, it represents trust, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. This color is perfect to represent what KYC stands for, and those organizations which use the KYC method. A website for the security of NFTs should be informative, which requires wisdom and intelligence on the topic. However, because it is goes about finances, and everyone protects and holds dear to their money, there must be trust and confidence in those organizations and the whole process. 

Yellow is a bright color which symbolizes happiness, youth, optimism and creativity amongst other things. Because we are talking about NFTs, there is a big energy of creativity focused in the creations of those. They are still considered a new concept for the future Web3 which inspires a certain youthfulness and optimism towards the future. 


The design and the content of your webpage are all in the front, you see them, you engage with them and they leave you with an impression. What lays behind them is much more advanced and it ensures that everything is in its place. That’s the coding of your webpage. Regardless if you have knowledge on coding or not, the Domain Dressing Service offers a team of coders who will tune the code of your website so that it performs the best way possible. Imagine a website that takes ages to load images, buttons need to be clicked constantly for seconds so that they react, scrolling takes ages. We want to prevent that. 

Our coders will remove all unnecessary elements of the code which drag it dawn. They’ll polish it and give you a clean and flawless code. Your website will be optimized for the best results, with all sorts of media doing its thing when and where it should, providing your visitors with the best possible browsing experience. 

How Owning a Premium Domain Name Like NFTKYC.com Is Beneficial

When you want to buy a new domain, you could either invest in a premium domain name, or buy an unregistered domain for much cheaper. Let’s say you are impressed with the premium domain name CoffeeMugs.com, but it’s already taken, so you can instead go for CoffeeMugs.cafe. But here’s why owning a premium domain name like NFTKYC.com really works better.  

A premium domain name is a domain that consist of preferably one to two short keywords. This domain will also have a great domain name extension, like the .com one. If you think of a famous brand’s domain, unless they have made it very clear what their brand’s domain name extension is, you’d be more inclined to automatically assume that it is .com. And rightfully so, because this extension has been used by majority of websites and users ever since its release in 1985

It’s important to consider that this option is rather costly, albeit better, but the extension and the premium look of it are not the only things you’ll receive when investing in a premium domain name. The fact that it’s premium means that it has already been registered and owned. This indicates pre-existent history, which is sometimes a huge bonus. Think about all the people who are familiar with that domain and at one point, sooner or later, will look the website up which results to free traffic for you.  

Domain names are still names after all, and the more they sound familiar, the easier it is for the people to find what they are looking for

Ian Garner
Domain Broker of Domainer.com

t’s easier to get your ideas to a great start by acquiring a premium domain name rather than to buy a cheap and brand new one, because of that existent history. Along with it, comes an existing SEO ranking, which is another massive plus for you.  

Why NFTKYC.com Is Different from Its Competition

NFTKYC.com stands out from other informative websites. This is due to the fact that it is a premium domain name, and because of what our Domain Dressing Service and NFTKYC.com have achieved together. A good SEO strategy, very informative, thorough and professionally written content, smooth coding and ravishing design. Where other websites of similar interest concentrate on content only, they lack the initiative to moderate what goes behind the scenes. This is very important, as we already established, because your domain and website should have a good traffic flow and be ranked highly in terms of SEO. 

Not only that, but the NFTKYC.com business idea is not one to be missed out on. We’re not talking about a website for information only. This is a domain that holds greater potential to be used by organizations within the NFT and customer verification fields, combined. It can be established as an organized place to work towards fraud prevention or any other illegal activities within the NFT market. NFTKYC.com is simply a big opportunity to establish a space, relating to the future of the internet, something, which many competitors cannot provide. 

Why DDS Was an Essential Choice for NFTKYC.com Business

The Domain Dressing Service was a great opportunity to try out the NFTKYC.com business idea. So much can be explained vocally and sketched out, but once you have a visual result of the business idea, it’s clearer how that can be shaped. You can monitor the performance of the domain and control how it operates, which is quite useful when testing out something new.  

Though what DDS achieves for NFTKYC.com is far more vibrant than just testing a business idea. Behind the curtain, many departments work on the individually designed dressing for the domain. The carefully structured SEO plan helps to get that domain on the front pages. A partial sub-category of that is the content, which has been thoroughly researched and written to boost the page with the necessary and market related keywords. That stands out in front of a design that has a special meaning and is not just randomly allocated over the page. All of that is combined by a spotless code, to ensure the most optimized version of your landing page. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the DDS service and is the reason why DDS was an essential choice for the premium domain name NFTKYC.com.  

If this explanation and case study of the Domain Dressing Service and NFTKYC.com have sparked something in you, then we are delighted to provide you with the opportunity for a FREE initial conversation with Ian Garner. Ian has years of experience in the Domain Dressing Service fields and invites you to get in touch over at Domainer.com, to discuss the opportunities for your domain to grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a premium domain name like NFTKYC.com is very beneficial, it’s also important to know why, so to summarize this article, here are the most frequently asked questions on the topic: