Domain Management

Every domain needs ongoing management to stay updated and secured. Today we are going to discuss what exactly domain management entails.


There is a large selection of domain management services and tools that can help you.

The Meaning of Managing Our Domain

Before we go deeper into detail, we suggest first to get familiarĀ whatĀ andĀ whyĀ domain names are important. The process of choosing, hosting, and maintaining/securing a single domain or domain portfolio from external threats, is called domain management. The main component of your online presence is your domain name. A successful business can be at risk without a proper domain protection.

Domain Privacy Protection

When a domain name is registered, the personal information of the owner is stored in a WHOIS database. Information, such as addresses, phone numbers, domain names and IP addresses is all stored on this database. Domain registrars offer domain privacy protection as a protection against unauthorized access to acquire the personal data from the WHOIS records. More information about WHOIS database can be found in our dedicated article for it.