Domain Numbers

The World Wide Web really is exceptionally wide. There are diverse methods of measuring and tracking domains, yet still it’s a tricky question to answer how many domains there actually are.

By reviewing the available numbers, we can get a good sense of the number of domains and the most popular among them.

Types of Domains

Domains are defined by their roots, also known as domain extensions. There are 1,589 currently registered domain root types, according to the database of IANA.  

These include Top-Level Domains (TLD) also known as Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD). They are the most generic category and include all types of domains. The second category is the Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) which are defined by their country of registration. The third category is the New Generic Top-Level Domains (ngTLD). They are newly registered in the database. The fourth category is Geo New Generic Top-Level Domains (Geo ngTLD) which are denoting geographical, geopolitical, ethnic, or cultural representation.

How Many Domains Exist in Total? 

In total, there are currently 367.3 million domain names registered. Though this seems like a comparatively high number, domain name registrations have decreased year-over-year. Compared to 2017, there were over 600 million fewer websites registered by 2021.

What Are the Most Popular Domains Worldwide?

Extention% of popularity
.com 52.3%
.ru 5.9%
Most Popular Top-Level Domains Worldwide

What Is the Most Popular Top-Level Domain?

The most popular domains are a mix of generic and country-level sites. Based on the market share, the most popular domain continues to be .com with a 52.3% share .in (for India) is next highest with 18% of market share, .ru (for Russia) with 5.9%, .org (for organization) with 4.4% and .net (for network) with 3.3%.

Total Number of Websites by Year

Most Popular Top-Level Domains Worldwide

NetCraft confirmed and in September 2021 published in the web server survey the total number of the websites in the world.

January 20211,195,982,359199,533,484
January 20201,197,973,827189,000,000
January 20191,518,207,412182,185,876
January 20181,805,260,010171,648,771
January 20171,800,047,111172,353,235
January 2016906,616,188170,258,872
January 2015876,812,666 177,127,427
January 2014861,379,152180,067,270
January 2013629,939,191186,821,503
January 2012582,716,657182,441,983
January 2011273,301,445101,838,083
January 2010206,741,99083,456,669
January 2009185,497,21371,647,887
January 2008155,583,82568,274,154