The Biggest Domain Sales for Q2 2023

Prepare to be fascinated with the most recent data on the industry’s biggest sales in Q2 if you have a passion for the fascinating world of domain names!


It is impossible to ignore the ongoing growth of this market when we examine domain names and their performance in Q2 of 2023. Owning a premium domain name is of utmost importance to both organizations and individuals due to the rising desire for a robust online presence. 

The information on the top domain sales in Q2 of 2023 demonstrates just how highly a premium domain is valued. It is nothing short of interesting to see the amount of money that people are willing to invest in order to get the ideal domain name that will give their company a competitive edge. 

Therefore, as we present some engaging statistics to share, buckle up and get ready for an enthralling study of the domain sales in Q2 2023!

Top .com Domain Name Sales for Q2 of 2023

Keeping up with the newest trends is essential for success in the dynamic world of online business. The com domain sales for Q2 of 2023 have demonstrated that domain names with strong idea recognition continue to dominate the market.  

Owning a memorable and relevant domain name is crucial for standing out in a crowded market as businesses increasingly move to digital platforms. Understanding the necessity of acquiring the correct online identity for long-term growth can be learned from looking at the com domain name sales for this quarter. 

Domain nameSold ForSold ToDate of Transfer$300,000Evergreen.com5/17/23$260,000Buckley Media/Lumis6/8/23$250,000Pvt Sale6/21/23$202,000GoDaddy4/14/23$130,000DomainMarket5/17/23$106,000K-Ventures/GoDaddy4/14/23$81,675Greg Meyers/DAN.com5/18/23$80,000Squadhelp4/14/23$61,200Sedo 6/8/23$59,888DomainMarket 6/8/23$50,000Sedo 4/14/23$49,995Sedo6/21/23$38,166GoDaddy6/21/23$38,000Sedo5/3/23$36,000Sedo5/3/23$34,650DAN.com5/3/23$34,337SnapNames4/14/23

Understanding the necessity of acquiring the correct online identity for long-term growth can be learned from looking at the com domain name sales for this quarter. 

Top Country Code Domain Sales

It might be difficult to find your way around the domain name universe, particularly when using country code domains. These distinctive domains are valuable because they identify the nation from which a website originated, making them highly sought-after by organizations and people looking to build a local presence. It’s not unexpected that top country code domain sales have consistently demanded exorbitant rates, with some names fetching thousands of dollars.

Domain nameSold ForSold ToDate of Transfer $57,729Sedo6/21/23$34,407Above.com6/8/23$33,000BusinessForSale.eu5/3/23

Whether your business is small-scale or large-scale, a country code domain can help you reach your target market and stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Top Non .Com Domain Sales (.xyz, .app, .org)

The demand for new domain names has risen to previously unheard-of levels in Q2 as the internet world continues its fast expansion. has historically been the most popular top-level domain, other alternatives like .xyz and .org are quickly gaining popularity. Surprisingly, these unique and eye-catching TLDs have been the focal point of some of the most significant non .com domain name sales in recent years. Particularly the .xyz extension has seen a significant increase in demand, drawing digital startups and companies looking for a distinctive online identity, such as those in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Domain nameSold ForSold ToDate of Transfer$96,000Sedo6/21/23$79,$35,000Sedo5/3/23$31,500GoDaddy6/8/23$29,888Sedo5/3/23

However, because of its close association with applications, .app has been a preferred option for businesses in the mobile applications sector. 

Domain Sales Analysis for Q2 of 2023

In-depth domain sales analysis for Q2 2023 reveals a positive picture for the remainder of the year. The strong increase in com domain name sales for Q2 is an indication of a thriving and healthy market for internet businesses. Due to their user-friendliness and attention-grabbing qualities, these TLDs continue to gain popularity in the digital space, and it is projected that this upward trend will continue through Q3 2023. 

Domain experts forecast a robust market with a promising future for the sector and its investors in accordance with the emergence of new technologies and rising internet usage. We eagerly await how the domain landscape will change in the upcoming months since it is now undergoing an exciting revolution. 

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