The Cost of Domain Name

Today we are going to focus your attention on how to estimate the price of a new domain, the hidden costs and much more.

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The Value of a New Domain

The price of a new domain depends on two factors – from which registrar you are buying the domain name and what kind of domain you are buying. There are no precise prices for domain names – the different registrars offer different packages.

Hidden Cost

If we are not counting the domain registration cost, there are several hidden costs that you should be aware of.


The domain name registration is done on a yearly basis. As long as you continue to renew your registration each year, you can maintain control over your domain name.

Email Address

When you are buying a domain name, for setting up a professional business email address you will see an add-on for email domains. It is not necessary to buy it because you get a free business email address with most web hosting companies.

WHOIS Protection

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the corporation which is responsible for the coordination of the assignment and maintenance of domain names. They collect the contact information of the website owner from each domain registrar. Using the WHOIS database, this information can be accessed for any reason – about a potential business partnership for example.

But this also has downsides – unwanted emails and phone calls. That is why many domain registrars sell an add-on called “domain privacy”. Quite often the registrars automatically add it to your invoice.