What are Domain Name and Website URL?

Here we explain the difference between a Domain Name and a Website URL – what are they, how to spot them, and more.

What are Domain Name and Website URL?

What Exactly Are Domain Names and Website URLs

In this article you will learn about the differences between a domain name and URL, why they are used, and their different applications in order to set up your domain and website the right way. 

Domain Name

A critical part of your online brand and marketing strategy is your domain name, and they should be unforgettable to your visitors. You will need a domain name and a host, in order to have a website that is accessible by regular users. 

Website URL

URL also known as Uniform Resource Locator is the universal resource locator in the address bar at the top of the web page. As previously mentioned, a domain name is not the same thing as a URL. The domain name is included in the URL, but it also includes all the information that your computer needs to find. in other words, a URL is the whole string of characters, also known as a web address.  

The Differences

There are mainly two key differences between a domain name and a URL. 

  1. The URL is the full Internet address used to locate a requested page and has a domain as its part. It provides more information than a domain name. 
  2. Domain name is divided into levels. The labels follow a hierarchical naming system and are separated by bordered characters.