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Domaining is so much more than purchasing a domain, holding it until the right buyer comes in to monetize it, and making a sweet profit from your investment.

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Specializing in providing you with maximum value in your domain journey, Domainer epitomizes professionalism, trust, privacy, and a highly customized experience. Collapse Arrow up

Ian Garner

I've represented buyers and sellers over the years and specialise in high value, complex acquisitions.

Ian Garner
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We Connect Your Domain Portfolio With a Strategy

Domainer's mission is unique - we offer a boutique, personalized, end-to-end domain buying experience where investors can feel safe, empowered, and heard when purchasing premium domain names; a domain buying experience that no one else provides.

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To stay true to that mission, one of the core services we offer that help us maximize your brand's potential is our domain portfolio management service. Our approach to managing your portfolio is unique, as it's you and your business. This service is designed to maximize the value of your domain portfolio and allow us to find brand growth opportunities that can increase your bottom line.

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What Are Our Services?

Domainer specializes in domain name brokerage and acquisition services, domain dressing, and domain portfolio management. Our team has strong and authentic relationships in the domain and startup industry and the established corporate world.

We work discreetly and strategically with you to help you acquire your desired domain name and provide you with an efficient and seamless experience. - Your Trusted Domain Broker - Your Trusted Domain Broker

If you are looking for a trusted domain broker to start your domain investing journey, we encourage you to make sure that he/she has experience and expertise in managing complex, high-value domain acquisitions and values your privacy.

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Although new to this business, the people behind are not new in the domain industry. The founder, Ian Garner, is an experienced domain broker with over six years of deep experience in premium domain sales, acquisitions, consulting and branding.

Announced as the most successful broker at Uniregistry of 2018, who sold 3.08 million USD in domain names and coming off the back of an exclusive representation sale of 1500+ crypto and NFT domains, is the right partner for you if you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy partner. Collapse Arrow up

Personalized Domain Investment Services

Personalized Domain Investment Services provides comprehensive and personalized domain services.

  • Domain Portfolio Optimisation: Leverage our experience, guard your valuable time and increase your bottom line with our domain portfolio management services that will allow you to expand (or create) a domain portfolio worth investing in.
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  • Private Domain Acquisition Services: We know domain market fluctuations and use our intimate knowledge of the domain industry to provide you with the most professional and discreet advice on acquiring the best domain name.
  • Domain Dressing Services: Boost your premium domain names smartly and strategically by using the expertise of our top-notch team of dedicated copywriters, designers, and growth hack specialists that will provide you with a unique results-driven landing page. Collapse Arrow up
Get More Than Just a Domain - Domain Dressing Services

Get More Than Just a Domain - Domain Dressing Services (DDS)

Our premium domain dressing service (DDS) is a smart move to boost your premium domain name(s) and increase the revenue of your unused domains smartly and strategically.

You are probably familiar with the alternatives - to leave that less-than-ideal 'For Sale' parked domain or even the auto-generated PPC links that don't generate any meaningful revenue, and often don't relate to your premium domain name.

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Use the expertise of our top-notch team of dedicated copywriters, designers, and growth hack specialists to get a unique results-driven landing page that will wow your buyers.

Remember - a premium domain name attracts premium clients with laser-focused and strategic hand-picked domain dressing services.

So, maybe it's time to consider giving your domain name the boost it deserves? Collapse Arrow up

We Negotiate Deals for Premium Domains

It all starts with a great domain name, and premium domains are for brands that want to be taken seriously and achieve brand notoriety. And we are uniquely qualified to acquire premium domains at the right time at the right price...

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With's proprietary domain brokerage and acquisition services, we work strategically behind the scenes to discreetly acquire your desired domain name.

We will not only help you identify, reach and negotiate your premium domain name, but we also use our industry knowledge, expertise, and connections to expertly acquire and negotiate the domain name on your behalf, saving you a significant amount of time and money. We then ensure all domain transactions are securely handled via, providing a seamless experience for our top-notch clientele. Collapse Arrow up

We Negotiate Deals for Premium Domains

Domainer’s Blog – Hot Topics from the Domain Authority

Domainer's blog is the place where we share the latest domain news, sales, analysis, strategies, and more. Dive into the latest trends and get unbiased, authoritative information to help you find, acquire, manage and monetize your domain name(s).


Why Go With Domainer?

Domainer specializes in premium domain brokerage and acquisition services. We also provide exclusive domain portfolio management services and a unique way to boost your premium domains - domain dressing services. Our team, known for its authentic relations in the domain industry, provides strategic outreach and stellar services to its clientele.

If professionalism, expert guidance, personalized approach, privacy, and trust are what you are looking for, is the right partner for you.

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