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It’s exciting to see a premium domain name push all boundaries to become its best version, and this article is here to look at that exactly that.

For a domain name to be premium, along with other qualities, it should be pre-owned. It can either be in use and/or being sold, or just parked. Parked domains are any owned but unused premium domain names. Often, parked domain names have a very boring webpage filled with ads. This is done so that the owner of the page can generate some revenue through these ads. The domain is working for them without having to do anything. The only issue is, these ads and webpages, in most cases, have nothing to do with the domain itself or the domain’s market. 

Our Domain Dressing Service was designed to help premium domain names like these to achieve their full potential. They get reshaped in the best possible way to drive traffic to them, which will generate a better SEO ranking, to try out a business idea, and to attract the best buyers. This is what our Domain Dressing Service and have achieved together and following, we will look into the process in more detail. 

What DDS Achieves for

The domain is as premium as it gets. This is because of its keywords, which are directly related to its market, and because it has the best domain name extension, the .com one. But as we already mentioned, to have this domain parked, might not necessarily be the best way to go. What DDS achieves for is far more valuable in the long run.  

Once you land on its webpage, you are greeted by futuristic and sharp design, reflecting its market of NFTs and Apps. It is also packed with valuable information about both. And when it comes to the written word on the site, it’s all properly researched, including keywords, and written by a team of professional copywriters. Even though the domain is not attached to a specific company, it is also testing a business idea for which it can be the perfect hosting domain. Let’s go through each different aspect of our DDS service in terms of what it has achieved for the premium domain name to better understand the result.  

Business Idea and Market Research

People come up with business ideas all the time, some are better than others, but at the end of the day, it really boils down to how you execute the idea and the outcome of it. Whilst some people can visualize their ideas but can’t deliver them properly, others can be the exact opposite. Seeing your business idea thought out and presented online can help with that. Through our DDS service, your business idea no longer has to stay a concept, but can be accomplished.  

Take the domain name for example. NFTs and Apps are currently leading in the online world, and most likely will be in the future. Combine the two, and you get a service dedicated to apps, related to NFTs. This domain and its website can therefore be used as an affiliate site for that purpose. Be it as a guide to NFTs and related apps, a blog about these topics, or even as a Software as a Service website. Software as a Service, SaaS for short, is a way to distribute an entirely cloud-based software without the need of any hardware. This allows for faster, easier and more cost-effective software development and distribution. On top of that, your users are not limited at all, and can access your product from any place, at any time, without restrictions.  

Our Domain Dressing Service reshapes your premium domain name into a beautiful opportunity. It will attract the right people, which can eventually lead to finding the best buyers for it, if selling it is your intention. Otherwise, you’ll still have a designed website to host your platform, which will work to attract the targeted traffic for it.  

SEO Strategy

The Search Engine Optimization of a website ensures that the right traffic that we were talking about lands at your webpage. The way this works is that the search engines out there send crawlers/spiders to your website. These represent digital bugs which scan your website for content. Then, ranking that your content is relevant and how it is relevant, the search engine optimization scores your website and decides how far up the search results of a topic to show it

The webpage attached to your domain has many codes under the surface. We are talking about meta titles and descriptions of different elements amongst else. It’s important, that these contain the most important keywords related to your market. Only so will your website rank higher and appear in more searches. Our team of dedicated SEO professionals is there to help you with that because it is important to research the market deeply, to understand the sciences behind it, and to find the most searched keywords. These things really are the first step in ensuring that your SEO ranking is up to date, but you’ll often find that your content changes the whole aspect of it.  


To boost your SEO ranking, the content on your website needs to be precise and unique. If you have keywords related to your domain and the market that you want to position your brand in, this will help the most. However, if you overstuff your copy with keywords, this can damage your search rankings. For that reason, we have a team of passionate copywriters who know how, where, when and why to write every word. They have the experience to take your idea and shape it into a very well researched and informational copy.  

To paint the picture for you, we can look at the domain The original idea is the combination of Non-Fungible Tokens and Apps. The first text you see on the website explains the website’s purpose. Then you are shown examples of the best NFT apps, which shows that the website has the best information on the topic. You are then explained what NFT Apps are and their different types. There is strategy, research and dedication behind every sentence, which ultimately pushes the site’s SEO rank upwards.  


The way we perceive colours can affect each of us in a very personal way. We all have our favourite colours and connect certain moments and objects with certain feelings through their colours. There’s a whole psychology behind this and it proves that the main colours we know reflect certain emotions on us. To better turn this psychology to your advantage, in terms of how well your domain is performing, your website should get the best colours. for example has purple, which symbolises creativity, nobility and ambition, and it encourages and uplifts people. There are also notes of lighter blue which depicts trust, security and support to make the person feeling confident, relaxed and reliable in the source. Overall, the website also features futuristic and clean design, representing its market, that being the NFTs and Apps. A design like this can leave a very strong impression in your online visitors and will most likely make them to want to come back.  


Quite literally, from colours to different texts and objects, there are paragraphs of codes behind every element on your website. This is the foundation to build an optimal webpage for your premium domain name. If there is one simple error in this code, for example, it might not necessarily work properly. Our Domain Dressing Service ensures that you get the best code written by our team of experienced coders. 

And it is not only about the objects or the design on your website, per se. Having a flawless code is vital for the performance of your website. This ensures that your visitors also have the best experience browsing your website. Sometimes, your code could be stuffed with unnecessary data which slows the process down. Our team of coders will ensure that your code is optimized, to reveal a website with fast functionality providing your users with a polished and smooth experience.  

How Owning a Premium Domain Name Like Is Beneficial

There are a couple of factors that put together, make a domain name premium. A key element of the premium domain name is its domain name extension. A .com domain extension is more trustworthy and popular than any other domain name extension out there, however reliable they may be. One of the other ways to distinguish a premium domain name is the fact, that the domain is pre-owned. If it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t have any of the following features.  

A premium domain name has been out there and has had some traffic already. This is great news for you! If you are buying this premium domain name, this means that you’ll get a domain with already established SEO rank. On top of that, this pre-existing traffic is already a benefit to you as a future clientele. If a person has typed in the same website for their favourite product over and over again, once that domain is yours, next time they do that, they’ll land in your business.  

Because of these reasons, owning a premium domain name like is a crucial step to setup the success of your online brand’s identity. Especially if you are in the NFT market and/or the combination of it with the world of digital apps, this type of domains is the best for you. Your mindset already shows dedication for the future and innovative Web3. This should reflect your values in your online presence by having a beautiful and futuristic webpage like  

Your domain name can be much more than a resale opportunity for the future.

Ian Garner
Domain Broker of

You can easily justify your great business idea by purchasing a premium domain name. But to take that extra leap towards success, you can apply our Domain Dressing Service to it, and similar to, it will stand out from its competition.  

Why Is Different from Its Competition

The combination of our Domain Dressing Service and is the reason why this premium domain name is different from its competition. Not only is it a premium domain name because of its domain name extension, the fact that it is a short domain or that it has the two most important keywords for its market. It is premium also because of its adeptly designed webpage.  

Differentiating itself from its competition, this premium domain name also provides the opportunity to test the business idea. Non-Fungible Tokens have been the hot topic for the past couple of years within the crypto market. They stand for a way of artists to claim ownership over their artworks, to sell those artworks or for those to be collected. We have seen more and more companies which introduce different services like expensive belongings, membership tickets or even virtual property as NFTs. They are a very important element of the future decentralized Web3.  

What else do most people nowadays use? Their phones and different apps on those. Most users feel comfortable to know that there is a dedicated app for their needs and will download it without even thinking about it. If it will make their experience easier, it belongs on their phones. So, to think of the future and act on your business idea is the right step forward. This is exactly what is doing and with the help of our DDS service, it’s better than before. 

Why DDS Was an Essential Choice for Business

To avoid the dull and disappointing webpages that most parked domains have, along with the wasted opportunity to maximise its capabilities, it was wisest to put our Domain Dressing Service and together. This not only reshaped the premium domain name by providing it with a beautiful landing page, but it also changed how this page operates and looks. Only so can the user experience be guaranteed to be flawless and satisfactory.  

Our DDS Service also provided the domain with the necessary playground to test out the Business Idea. This is a perfect way to visualise your concept and to start building on the things that you think can be improved upon. Once done, and given that it works perfectly, this can become the perfect affiliate marketing site. As it currently represents, it can be the best platform for a business representing NFTs and related to them apps, but it can also host a SaaS software. These opportunities are available because of what our DDS achieves for, and because of that, it will attract the right audience and potential interests of purchase.  

If you want to acquire your dream premium domain name, or you already own it, but are not sure how to get the best out of it, then consider our Domain Dressing Service as your best option. Contact Ian Garner, our in-house premium domain broker with years of experience, at for a FREE Initial Conversation to discuss your portfolio and options to improve it in the best way possible. 

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