What Is a Premium Domain Name?

You might have heard the term premium domain names, but what exactly are they? After all, aren’t all domains supposed to work the same way?

Yes, all domain names work technically the same way. Still, some are more valuable than others. And once you understand the importance premium domain names play, you will appreciate the fact that your business needs one for sure. 

What exactly is a premium domain name? 

A premium domain name is a high-quality domain that usually has an owner, but it’s being resold at a higher price. Those domains are keyword reach, short and memorable, and usually come with a hefty price tag. 

Despite the higher price, premium domain names are considered the most valuable on the market, usually because they contain a keyword that millions of people search for every day. Think of the most expensive domain names ever sold: voice.com, casinos.com, hotels.com, etc.  

Voice.com, for instance, was registered in 2001 and sold in 2019 for $30 million. 

There are other types of premium domain names- those priced higher directly by the registry organizations. Those domain names haven’t been registered by a company or an individual yet, but their price is higher than a standard domain name with the same extension. 

In either case, premium domain names are a smart branding and marketing investment, one that is definitely worth its cost. With the potential to reach millions of online users every day, purchasing a premium domain name is among the most thoughtful decisions your brand can make. 

What makes a domain name premium? 


There is no clear rule on which domain names will become premium. Generally, the price of a premium domain name depends on the owner and what a potential buyer is ready to pay. Yet some core markers differentiate the premium domain names from the pull of all others. 

    1. They are brief


The shorter the domain name, the better. Long domain names are hard to remember. Long domain names are hard to remember. Likewise, domain names containing hyphens or other punctuation might be hard to remember. A premium domain name is memorable and concise and usually contains not more than two words or two to four characters. 

    2. Great SEO potential 


SEO plays a significant role when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign. Although it’s not proven that Google weighs keywords in domain names, it’s generally true that domain names containing keywords make up a significant share on the first page in Google.  

However, two other factors play a key role in improving your SЕО – domain authority and the domain age. Therefore, if you choose to purchase an authoritative premium domain name, you can save your business years of research on your SEO efforts. 

    3. Brandability 


Premium domains are more expensive because customers can easily remember them, and it’s easy to build a brand around. That gains a crucial advantage in today’s competitive market. 

    4. Buyer’s interest 

At first glance, some domain names might not seem appealing. But if this domain name is being auctioned and the bids get high, then this domain can quickly become a premium domain name. That is usually the case when a newly founded company wants to acquire a domain name that exactly matches its name, but that domain name is already registered.  

Premium domain name sales occur on many websites across the internet. However, an expert domain broker knowledgeable about the industry, with a keen sense of valuation and a proven successful sales record, is usually the most cost-effective way to find an ideal premium domain. 

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