Domain Dressing Service and SportsNFT.com Collaboration

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When our Domain Dressing Service and SportsNFT.com collaborated, we tried to help them get the most out of the domain and accumulate as much organic traffic as possible by creating a bespoke landing page, optimizing the page’s SEO (we will get into what SEO is later on), and dressing the domain to answer to our customers’ needs. We managed to take the unique idea of SportsNFT.com and made it a reality with immense potential in the sports and NFT world. 

If you are interested in what we offer or if you want to learn more about our Domain Dressing Service, we strongly recommend watching our YouTube miniseries hosted by our primary domain broker Ian Garner who has years of experience in the domain brokering world. 

What DDS Achieves for SportsNFT.com?

What our DDS achieves for SportsNFT.com goes beyond just making a website – it creates a brand. What we achieve for businesses through our Domain Dressing Service is that we produce something that is easily recognizable and memorable. We make that possible by creating a premium domain name like SportsNFT by intercepting the world of sports and the world of non-fungible tokens. The name does not only clearly indicate the purpose of the page, but it is also simple and is a name that will stay in people’s minds, setting SportsNFT.com apart from any other competitor and giving it an opportunity to take the lead in the virtual sports industry.

Of course, we are aware that a name is just a name if there is nothing behind it. That’s why we strive to make SportsNFT.com not just an online address but a home.  A home for people who are passionate about the digital sports world and their favorite players and teams. We do that by creating a landing page with a design and content perfectly suited to match the interests of our target audience. We also offer the best SEO optimization so that as many people as possible can find out about the project and get involved! 

Business Idea and Market Research

SportsNFT is a platform aiming to allow sports fans to get closer to their idols by collecting limited edition NFTs of players, clubs, or historical moments of the teams. SportsNFT does not serve only as a marketplace for non-fungible tokens but also as a tool for sports enthusiasts to let their creativity shine by giving them the opportunity to create and design their own sports NFT projects.

Selecting the right domain name is one of the most important things when building the website for SportsNFT.com. The reason for that is that the name is the first thing that visitors are going to read even before entering the website and is the thing that makes the difference between them clicking on the website or just continuing to scroll.

That’s why our Domain Dressing Service is so important. Because we are aware that for a business to thrive, it needs a domain that is simple, memorable, and easily distinguishable. It needs to accurately target the right audience by indicating the purpose of the company clearly and spiking interest in the sports fan’s mind. A domain name that answers these criteria, like SneakersNFT.com, makes a brand stand out and gives it an edge over the competition, making it very valuable.

With our team of expert analysts and consultants, we have been guiding businesses into selecting the best possible domain resonating with their specific industry and attracting their target market.  

We can help you as well by choosing a domain that not only matches your business concept but also attracts the right customers and creates a strong brand presence.

SEO Strategy

We do not only offer a domain and a landing page – we ensure that the page rating is as high as possible and that it attracts a high amount of traffic. How do we do that? By building the best possible SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Now what exactly is SEO? Search engines scan the content of all websites on the web and rank them based on their content’s relevance. Based on that ranking, search engines decide how high up in the search results of a topic to show said website. 

To reach the best SEO possible, we use different strategies. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Meta titles – Meta titles are the text displayed on search engine result pages and browser tabs to indicate the topic of a webpage. We use specialized keywords to create meta titles that ensure the website will be shown in as many browser searches as possible. 
  • Meta descriptions – The meta description is shown under the meta title, and it gives more information on the page and the content it holds. We make sure to create appealing meta descriptions to attract as many visitors as possible and ensure a high amount of organic traffic. 
  • Backlinks – A backlink is when a website is linked to another website via anchor text. Backlinks are crucial for search engine rankings as they show authoritativeness. Our DDS ensures numerous backlinks to the website for the highest rankings. 
  • Keywords – Keywords are the main words people use when searching for a topic. We include these keywords in the content of the website, the meta titles and descriptions, and in the domain name itself to show the relevance of the website to said topic. We will go more into keywords later on.  

Our team of SEO experts goes through hours of research and work to build the best SEO optimization for you so you can focus on what is truly important – making your business idea a reality.


A website’s content is the most important thing for its SEO ranking. The site’s SEO is boosted by inserting essential keywords relevant to the website’s purpose and theme. But just using keywords is not enough. It is important to know when and where to use them. For example, suppose you fill the content with keywords and overuse them. In that case, the text will seem cluttered and be harder to read, and may even lower the SEO ranking of the page rather than boost it.  

That is why our Domain Dressing Service offers a team of hard-working copywriters who put thought behind every single word in the content of our landing page. With years of expertise and knowledge, they are aware of where, when, and how to use keywords so your website can climb to the top of a browser’s search results. 

Let’s take a look at SportsNFT.com – when you first open up the page, you are met with a short but subtle explanation of what the goal of the platform is and who exactly it is made for – in this case, it is made for sports fans and collectors. When you scroll down, it is explained what NFTs actually are and how they can bring value to the sports industry. After that, the viewer can see how NFTs actually bring value to the table for sports clubs, players, and fans. 

After that, it is shown that everyone can create their own sports NFT project and how it can be sold in the NFT marketplace all in one place – SportsNFT.com. 

In the end, the viewer can read more about the team, giving the reader a feeling of trust and confidence in the project


Did you know that different colors can provoke specific emotions in people? Well, it is true. That is why our team of web designers studies the effect of every color on a person’s emotions and uses it to the website’s advantage. In the case of SportsNFT.com, the color that mostly stands out is yellow. The color yellow evokes feelings of enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence and uplifts the viewer.  

We believe that less is more. That is why the designs of our landing pages are very minimalistic and sharp. We aim to focus the reader’s attention on the content and create a seamless and smooth experience through the website without distracting the viewer with extra clutter and fancy animations and effects. 


At Domainer, we know that coding for a website is a big hassle. It’s expensive and time-consuming, and sometimes, the code is filled with bugs.  That is why our landing pages are built by professional web developers with years of experience who make sure that the code is optimized so that the website can be as smooth and fast as possible for a seamless user experience which also boosts search engine rankings.  

Not only that, but we build the code on a foundation of simplicity, avoiding overly complex structures that can hinder maintenance. Following this type of clean and simple approach ensures that the codebase remains adaptable to future updates and changes.

How Owning a Premium Domain Name Like SportsNFT.com Is Beneficial?

Premium domain names are domains with certain qualities making them very valuable and sought after. Some investors are often ready to pay millions for just a domain name like that. But what is it that makes premium domain names so precious?

  • Brandability: A premium domain name is brandable, meaning it has the potential to become a recognizable and memorable brand on its own. What makes a domain name brandable is its uniqueness, catchiness, and distinctiveness, making it really shine in the deep sea of brand names. 
  • Keyword Relevance: Premium domain names contain certain keywords, which are the most popular words people use when searching content related to the brand’s niche or industry. So when a domain name has certain keywords, when people look up something including these words – it will be shown first in their search results.

    In the case of SportsNFT.com, the domain name is the perfect combination of the two worlds of Sports and NFTs, making it relevant to people searching for content related to the world of digital sports and non-fungible tokens and leading to a higher standing in search result rankings. 
  • Short and Memorable: Premium domain names are usually very short, consisting of one or two words. Their brevity makes them easy to remember, type, and share with others. Short and memorable domain names are more appealing and usually stay in people’s memory for longer. 

    SportsNFT.com fits this bracket perfectly – it is short, consisting only of 2 words, but clearly stating the page’s niche. The simplicity of the SportsNFT.com domain makes sure that visitors will easily remember the name of the website
  • Extension: The domain extension can also contribute to its premium status. Extensions such as .com, .net, or .org are commonly associated with credibility and professionalism, making them more appealing and valuable. 

The uniqueness of premium domain names lies in their ability to leave a lasting impression. When people encounter your domain name, it lingers in their minds, making your brand more memorable and recognizable.

It is also very important to point out that premium domain names incorporate popular keywords and phrases, boosting the page’s SEO and making the website show higher in the search result list bringing traffic to the site.

To learn more about Premium Domain Names, we recommend reading our article focused especially on PDNs

Score big in the realm of sports and NFTs with SportsNFT.com, the premium domain that fuels a vibrant marketplace for sports-related digital collectibles, enabling businesses to tap into the growing demand for unique and authenticated sports NFTs.

Ian Garner
Domain Broker of Domainer.com

Ian Garner, our esteemed domain broker, emphasizes the incredible potential of owning a premium domain name like SportsNFT.com. This platform illuminates a groundbreaking marketplace that caters to sports fans and enthusiasts, enabling them to engage in collecting, trading, purchasing, and selling exclusive NFTs featuring their beloved players, teams, and idols. Regardless of whether one is an ardent sports fan, a team representative, or a player themselves, SportsNFT.com offers an ideal platform that unites all individuals, fostering a shared appreciation for the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of digital sports collectibles! 

Why SportsNFT.com Is Different from Their Competition?

The business concept of SportsNFT.com truly stands out as it combines two distinct worlds – the realm of NFTs and the domain of sports – all within a single platform. What sets the platform apart is SportsNFT.com business idea: users have the chance to collect exclusive digital NFTs featuring their favorite sports teams or players while also showcasing their own inventive abilities as they create and sell their very own NFT sports projects. All these features are made available within the convenient confines of the SportsNFT.com platform.  

However, merely having an idea is insufficient; it must be brought to life in a manner that captivates visitors and potential customers alike. This is precisely where our Domain Dressing Service steps in to lend its expertise. Domain Dressing Service and SportsNFT.com collaborated by meticulously configuring the brand’s setup, we ensure that SportsNFT.com enjoys a head start upon its launch. Part of this process entails selecting an ideal domain name that will attract the intended audience for this brand.  

Additionally, we craft a bespoke landing page designed explicitly to grasp viewers’ attention and incite curiosity, compelling them to delve deeper into the site’s contents. Adding another layer of optimization skills, our team of SEO experts fine-tunes every aspect of website performance so that once it goes live, it instantly shows up on the top of search results.

Why DDS Was Essential Choice for SportsNFT.com Business?

Here at Domainer, we don’t just create boring parked domains waiting to be sold and collecting dust, we set the domain for success by creating a beautiful landing page filled with interesting content so that people will actually be interested in looking into the project!

The problem with the usual uninteresting parked domains is that when people visit the webpage and see that it looks abandoned, they will not want to visit it again, even when a business is launched on that domain. Due to the lack of content and SEO in these parked domains the search engine ranking falls rapidly and leaves it up to the businesses that adopt the domains to fix their SEO rankings.

This is why our Domain Dressing Service was so crucial for the SportsNFT.com Business Idea. Because we didn’t just want to sell domains, we wanted to make SportsNFT businesses thrive. What our Domain Dressing Service achieves for SportsNFT.com is setting them up with the best SEO optimization so the page can be shown at the top of search results, we consulted with our clients so we could create a seamless and easy process and build a landing page and domain tailored for the needs of SportsNFT.com and its target audience.  

What our Domain Dressing Service and SportsNFT.com achieved is creating a domain ready to be adopted by businesses and pave its way into the digital sports world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have summarized the explanations for things that seem to confuse people the most when reading about owning a premium domain name like SportsNFT.com.