How to Negotiate the Price of a Domain Name

You will need to develop a good negotiation strategy whether you are buying an automobile, a home, or a domain name. Buying or selling domain names is a business, and you need to approach it as such. 

Be clear on the value of the domain name

The amount should reflect what the site name is worth to you, and how much you have in mind to spend. The name might be worth a lot to you if you are planning to use it for an online business. Be ready to bargain hard to obtain your domain without giving away to the seller how much you actually want or need that particular name, especially if you are looking for an extremely specific website.

Appraise the domain name before you buy/sell it

You need to ask the right questions. If the domain already has a website associated with it, this may or may not add value. You will need to know about the site’s revenue model, its current profitability, its current liabilities and assets, and the value of the industry. Social media can also add significantly to the value of a domain name. 

Look at the development potential of the domain name

The domain name itself is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keyword ranking in search engines. That is why you need to do keyword research before you even think about approachinga webmaster to buy a domain name. The keywords in a domain name can gain loads of organic traffic, which adds a great deal of implicit value. 

Make contact with the domain name owner

Yourlow bid price should be much lower than you are actually prepared to pay, but not so low as to insult the domain owner or cause the domain owner to trash your email without replying. By doing this, you leave yourself with room to maneuver should the owner reply with interest in proceeding with the sale at a higher price.